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How Much Should You Tip Mousekeeping?


A question often asked by first time visitors is how much to tip the housekeeping staff at your Disney resort or as we lovingly refer to them Mousekeeping.  The internet is filled with varying opinions on the matter but the most common suggestion is $1.00 per day per person.

Disney is world-renowned for its hospitality, this is evident in the attention to detail that Mousekeeping will put into making your room a delight to return to at the end of a long day at the theme parks. So if you find a tidy room, your bed made up and  ready to welcome you, an extra ration of Disney toiletries, playful little towel animals or any other surprises left behind by your Mousekeeper then tipping is a great way to say “Thank You”.

I typically travel with a party of 4 and it is customary for us to budget for a $5.00 mousekeeping tip each day. Should the service greatly surpass my expectations, I will always throw in a bit extra. Guests staying at villa accommodation may also want to consider tipping an extra $1 a day due to the size of the rooms.    It is also advisable to tip everyday rather than at the end of the stay. The reason for this is that you may have different Mousekeepers maintaining your room each day.  By tipping daily you can make sure that the person that has done all the hard work that day is receiving your compliments! DVC members may wish to revise this as DVC rooms are not serviced daily.

Who else should I tip at my Disney resort? 

For baggage carriers it is customary to tip $1.00 per bag.  You may want to increase this to $2 for heavier items.  If you take advantage of valet parking it is common to tip anywhere from a couple of dollars to $5.  For room service, a gratuity is already factored into the cost however for particularly speedy service you may want to tip a dollar or two.

Quick Tip:  For those looking to do some fun Disney-themed activities with their kids in the lead-in to a Disney vacation,  a great project is to make Mousekeeping envelopes.  Have your little ones decorate an envelope for each day of your trip with pictures, stickers etc. to add a little personal touch to your “Thank You.” Having them pre-made is also a great reminder that you need to leave your tip for that day! Popular with returning guests, you will find countless Mousekeeping envelope templates online for those looking for inspiration.


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Melissa Roden

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Melissa Roden
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  • I haven’t ever experienced “awesome” Mousekeeping in our 5 trips to Disney. I’ve actually had to keep our own room dusted and we make our beds every day. I’ve never seen a towel animal or any other magical surprises. I am a manager of a large private home that I keep in immaculate order and I don’t expect tips every day, week, or month for doing my job.

  • I always have to tip. My husband always gives me flack, but he has never worked a job like this that tips help. Even at breakfast this morning he only tipped a certain amount so I reached in my pocket for a few more.

    What do you recommend for people that hold your bags? For instance you get to the hotel early and your room isnt ready – so you have them hold while you go to the parks. I have always wondered that. Same as luggage carriers?

    • That’s a great question about baggage- I usually don’t tip if they’re simply held for me. However, when they are delivered to the room I tip $1 -$2 per bag. If they are large/heavy I will throw in a bit more.

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